When would someone benefit from coaching?

Coaching can help individuals in many different situations.  The 10 most frequent topics it addresses are:

  • 1. Adapting to change and novelty

    Examples: when starting a new job, integrating a new task or team, arriving in  a new company or region, managing in a new context, etc.

  • 2. Developing a management persona

    Examples: to help a manager become a manager of managers, develop a global and strategic vision, learn how to delegate, prioritize and lead a change management project, be more assertive, etc.

  • 3. Developing interpersonal skills

    Examples: to help a manager who has difficulty leading a team, expressing their point of view or giving feedback, who is too brusque, displays anger or withdraws, etc. To help a manager give feedback, frame an argument, set limits, ask for help, engage different audiences, etc.

  • 4. Achieving results faster

    Examples: to better develop a clientele, cultivate new projects, network more effectively, make progress in a job search, conduct information interviews, use new methods, etc.

  • 5. Responding to a perceived loss of meaning

    Examples: to help people take action or commit to a new goal when they have just become unemployed, or conversely, when they have stayed in the same position for a long time and feel lost in a changing work environment.

  • 6. Managing work-life balance and priorities

    Examples: to learn how to stay calm, be organized, preserve balance, prioritize and set achievable goals when there seem to be too many competing priorities.

  • 7. “Digesting” an experience, turning a page, starting over

    Examples: to help a person learn from a difficult experience and regain confidence when they have not attained their goals in a new role (project management, team management, etc.), or when they have taken a risk and failed and now feel insecure.

  • 8. Taking stock of one’s career and deciding on next steps

    Examples: to identify all possible future career paths, to reflect on accomplishments and skills, to decide on next steps in the short-term, to change paths.

  • 9. Considering a big decision: emigration, promotion…

    Examples: when an employee needs to decide whether to take on a management position, a job in Dubai, a new project, etc.

  • 10. Preparing for interviews or high-stakes meetings

    Examples: when preparing to announce a difficult decision, conduct a delicate evaluation interview, discuss a sensitive subject in an executive committee meeting.