What is career coaching?

The career difficulties people encounter are rarely technical in nature; more often, they relate to soft skills.  Career coaching simply involves setting time aside to use tools, exercises and processes to better listen, perceive, observe, interact, and identify that which could be improved or transformed.


Our expertise is helping managers and leaders guide their careers and develop their competences to succeed to the best of their abilities and achieve their goals, placing authenticity, meaning, and relationship quality at the heart of the process


Coaching helps people develop their own professional expertise by encouraging them to:


Attain greater self-knowledge

Gain an awareness of themselves, their work methods, strengths, difficulties and impact on others, and be able to identify and regulate their emotions in professional settings.


Gain insight into people and situations

Learn to listen, to notice subtleties and to be more open and aware.


Connect with others and their environment

Know how to say what they want to say, to ask, to position, to convince and, more generally, to foster a positive work environment and create mutually beneficial working relationships.