What defines Catherine Chavigny is, above all, her sensitivity, openness and commitment.


Creative at heart, she currently works as a business coach and sculptor.  This creativity, and the bridges she builds between these different facets of her life, inform her work and the supports she proposes to clients.


Through her business, she supports leaders, managers and professionals with transitions and skills development, particularly in the areas of relationship building and interpersonal communication.


Her international experience and mastery of English have allowed her to develop a multicultural sensibility, a definite asset to her clients.


Oriented towards results, her trademark is her emotional intelligence, her ability to listen carefully, her technical skills and her use of proven methods acquired over many years of coaching.



    Through her professional experience, Catherine developed skills in international marketing, internal communications and leadership training.  She worked for almost 20 years with a telecoms joint venture and then with Groupe France Télécom.


      Fascinated by the human dimension of change and the expression of talents in the workplace, she supports the development of employees’ potential, organizational change and project management, placing people and their motivations at the centre of her approach.


      A sculptor for many years, she has progressively integrated the practice of sculpting with clay into her coaching to help businesses develop their teams’ ability to move forward amidst uncertainty, develop their creativity and enhance their capacity to take initiative.


    Certified Coach at l’Académie du Coaching, 2009

    MBA at the University of Edinburgh, Great Britain, 1995

    Marketing and management major at Audencia, 1989


    Training in the methods of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication

    Training in Personal Branding (IPBD)

    Training in 360° tools: Reach, Strateje, Odyssée

    Training in PREDOM, a behavioural analysis tool

    Training in co-development, 2013


    Training in other tools and methods derived from various approaches: Transactional Analysis, the Palo Alto systemic approach,  Neuro-linguistic Programmation (NLP)